Professional & Government Affairs (PGA)

Terms of Reference

The task of the Professional & Government Affairs Committee is to assist the Federation and its Member Associations in representing the airline pilots in industrial matters to the maximum extent possible.

To achieve this task, the Committee will:

(a) monitor and study industrial developments in the aviation industry which may impact the airline pilot and inform the Member Associations of these developments in the most appropriate way. This can be done by a presentation at a Professional & Government Affairs Committee meeting, by organising a seminar or any other suitable method

(b) develop policies associated with industrial matters related to the profession of the airline pilot

(c) compile, analyse and disseminate information on regulatory and contractual issues, using the information provided by the FESPLA Regional Bodies and the Member Associations

(d) identify and develop negotiations tactics and skills and facilitate the training of these skills so that Member Associations may more easily achieve their industrial objectives

(e) develop and facilitate any training as deemed appropriate by the Committee. The Professional & Government Affairs Committee Chairman is responsible, in close concert with the FESPLA Professional Affairs Consultant and the FESPLA staff, for the optimal functioning of the Professional & Government Affairs Committee

(f) at the request of Member Associations, The Professional & Government Affairs Committee is able to give tailored support on specific issues

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